WP1 – Analysis of Historical Data and Requirements Specification

In the context of this activity, the flight data made available by the sensorization system installed, by default, on the aircraft, was analysed and quantified. Based on this information, additional instrumentation needs were quantified.
An additional objective of this activity involved the definition of system requirements and the plans for its future certification.

WP2 – Development of numerical methodologies

In this activity were develop the numerical methodologies for assessing the structural condition of the monitored aircrafts and the tools for its deployment.

WP3 - Integration of methodologies into IMA aircraft

Application and validation of analysis methodologies, developed in WP2, including the operations necessary for the IMA aircraft instrumentation, mission data gathering and structural integrity assessment on PRODDIA- AERO platform.

WP4 - Application of the methodology to the other aircrafts in the fleet

Application of analysis methodologies to the rest fleet. The activity also Included sensorization operations, data collection during flight and correspondent structural integrity assessment.

WP5 - Analysis of instrumentation results and periodicity reassessment of structural inspections

This activity allowed to compare and experimentally validate the severity of operation conducted by FAP aircrafts and the typical operation defined by the aircraft manufacturer, in which the development of the structural inspection program was based.

WP6 – Project Management

Performing the activities associated with project management operations and dissemination of the main results obtained.